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Creative Sequencing


Thursday, 18 January 2024



In-Person Supported By Online





Despite good fundamental knowledge, many teachers need more confidence to adapt their classes for the students that walk in today.
This course will teach you fundamentals often neglected in a YTT-200 and build on your existing knowledge. Learn to change your sequence immediately and how to handle different skill levels in the same class.
Adapt and teach confidently.

Practical Sequencing

Weekend 1 In studio

Day 1: The core principles

Day 2: Review asana groups and practical sequences for themes


At home

Week 1: Design and submit 3 sequences using the core principles and themes


Weekend 2 In Studio

Day 1: Adapting confidently and practical

Day 2: Complex adaptations, Cueing and practical


At home

Week 3: Design and submit sequences for specific needs

Week 4: Design and submit sequences for complex needs


Week 5: Scheduled final assessment in the studio with a teacher

We will aim to schedule everyone through the weekend, but you may need to make time during the week.

Anca Nitoi

Anca Nitoi

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