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Emotional Bodywork Therapy

emotional release. self-healing.

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What is emotional bodywork?

The Full Emotional bodywork technique combines aspects of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) meridian massage, Japanese Anma Ampuku abdominal massage and the revolutionary emotional release massage taught by Master Nir Levi. 


In the full-body physical work part of this system, Gabby uses different stimulation techniques on your body's Qi points, which are part of the body's meridian system. The work aims to release muscle tension, create energy movement and better blood and Qi circulation to improve the body's ability to heal itself. 

We see the body as a mechanism governed by the natural elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. These elements reside within the body. 


Emotional bodywork focuses on pinpointing any underlying "conflict" between the elements in the body, searching for over-active or under-active parts to bring them back into balance.

I wanted to understand what Emotional Bodywork is with Gabby and whether it can help me with my Asthma. The session and experience were unlike anything I had experienced before.

I feel lighter and have not touched my Asthma medication for two weeks. I hope to have more sessions soon.

Simon D (45)

It was a transformative experience for me, facilitating the release of deep-seated emotions I held onto - helping me avoid the same negative thought cycles.

Overall, I am grateful for the amazing outcome after my journey of self-discovery and healing during the Emotional Bodywork Massage Therapy.

Majed F (28)

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