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Kids Yoga

Yoga and Emotional Intelligence for Children

We combine dancing, animal sounds, play-acting, and kids Yoga with the proven R.U.L.E.R. curriculum for emotional intelligence.

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Start Date: January, Sunday 9th, 2022


Classes are on:

Wednesdays:         4:45pm​

Ages: 3 - 7

The Curriculum

Recognising emotions in self and others

Understanding causes and consequences

Labelling emotions

Expressing emotions

Regulating Emotions Effectively.

A structured system to emotional intelligence adapted for young children. RULER shows the five core skills of emotional intelligence: Recognise, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate.

Supporting their learning is a playful environment seen through Yoga poses, dancing and creative tools that speak to children.

Children are slowly exposed to eight base emotions to understand that not only do we experience more than anger or sadness, but that those emotions are often not even the first emotion we feel.

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Why should children join the program?

​Teacher Paula teaches young children at school and practises RULER in her classroom. Her passion for the program inspired us to provide the opportunity to learn emotional intelligence outside of her classroom. 

  • They play and dance in a creative and calm environment while learning

  • Supports our children in understanding emotions

  • Helps to build the skills for emotional intelligence

  • Helps to create and maintain a positive environment at home and in their future

  • Helps to build self-esteem and confidence

  • Helps children understand their siblings and parents

To understand the efficacy of the RULER program, read the Yale research.

A girl with either sad or angry emotions

Our children's small bodies experience more stress than we give them credit. Classroom lessons, competition in sport and constant activities are all stressors and can make our children mentally tired. Yet, children do not always recognise their feelings and have no tools to work through their emotions. Should we feel surprised by the occasional outburst? 

Using the input from children during a class, we create an environment of safety that encourages their self-confidence and keep them engaged in the program.

Emotional intelligence

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) clearly correlates with leadership and is a crucial skill for the future. Many brilliant people fail to become good leaders due to a lack in their Emotional Intelligence.

Having self-awareness and regulating our emotions helps us in social situations. It also helps improve empathy as we start to recognise what others are experiencing. All these skills are what makes natural leaders so influential in the world.


By teaching these skills to children at a young age, we improve their chances of becoming emotionally well-rounded and strong adults.



Young Learners

750 AED

10 Sessions

Valid for three months


1,300 AED

(200 AED discount)

20 Sessions

Valid for three months

Packages can be shared between two children from the same family.

All students can purchase a Group Trial package to try any three classes for 150 AED.

Paula Pfiester

Yoga Teacher - Paula Pfiester

Paula is a qualified teacher specialising in using a child's innate intelligence to support their learning.

Working with young children all her life and combining her Yoga experience, Paula developed a unique course to help children explore their emotions through Yoga practice.

Paula is easily one of the most amazing people we know and inspires us to be better every day.

Qualifications and Certifications

Qualified Early Years Educator, KHDA approved
95 hours Children Yoga and Mindfulness teacher
RYT 500 Yoga Teacher
RULER practitioner