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Meditation is a discipline of mental focus. 

Join each week and discover the incredible impact your concentration can have on your mental well-being.


Our weekly meditation focuses on healing, and we have monthly full-moon meditation sessions.

You can also look at our seminar schedule where we may have free sessions aimed at helping you understand the service.

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Why practice meditation?

There is strong evidence suggesting that meditation is good for you. You now see psychologists recommending meditation as a daily practice to help overcome anxiety and stress. Consider that the collection of writing from one of the greatest philosophers, Marcus Aurelius, is named Meditations.


To meditate is to consider something, deeply think or focus the mind on something. To work on a problem or often to relax and accept.


Meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety, improving cognitive and emotional performance. Along with practising acceptance, this leads to a better sense of wellbeing.

Our cycle of meditation

Our meditation style focuses on healing and improved wellbeing by concentrating on your chakras. Chakras are an eastern system used to help visualise the body with different mental and emotional attributes.


We dedicate each session to one chakra. You will meditate on the sensations of those body parts and the aspects of your personality that the chakra represents. 


At the end of the cycle, we practice Kundalini meditation to harness our energy and move it from the root chakra up, awakening each chakra until finally reaching the crown chakra. 


You are encouraged to join all eight sessions to prepare and gain the most from the cycle.


Each month also has a class dedicated to the full moon.

The seven Chakras

A short introduction to the Chakra system

The chakra system is not a religion but an old way to understand the body’s energy flow. 


Our meditation style focuses on healing through chakras. Before we had the detailed understanding of anatomy we do now, the east developed a system to describe a mental map of the body. This map is still applicable today. Asking you to focus on the detail of anatomy is not helpful when trying to get a better sense of what you feel and experience in your body.


The chakras are divided into seven focal points representing body parts with different mental and emotional attributes. 

What you can expect in each of our meditation sessions

Mindfulness Meditation

To be aware and to be self-aware. Learn how to avoid distraction and consciously focus on one thing. Alternatively, learn to be aware of your surroundings and what you are experiencing without judgement. Similar to being an observer to your thoughts.


Evidence suggests these mental exercises reduce anxiety and stress in natural ways.

mindful meditation 500px.jpg

Crown Chakra (Shahasrara) Meditation

Sessions focused on the Crown Chakra promotes positivity and a sense of being more than just a body, but a body linked to everything around it. Able to influence and often influenced by everything around you. We want you to feel those connections to other humans and your environment in the most favourable light.

Seventh Chakra - Crown symbol

Third Eye Chakra (Vishuddha) Meditation

Be more self-aware and build techniques for better concentration. It is linked to mindfulness meditation with proven benefits to anxiety and stress control. 

Sixth Chakra - Third Eye symbol

Throat Chakra (Ajna) Meditation

The class where you find your voice, to express yourself. Focus on expressing yourself, listening and showing compassion.

Fifth Chakra - Throat symbol

Heart Chakra (Anahata) Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation is the ultimate form of generous and selfless love towards ourselves and others. Practice the four qualities of love: friendliness (metta), joy (mudita), compassion (karuna) and equanimity (upekkha).

Fourth Chakra - Heart symbol

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) Meditation

The centre of fire and balance. Meditation to balance this chakra helps to promote success and longevity. It is the centre of action and determination.

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus symbol

Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana) Meditation

The dwelling place of the self. Where we hold our creative potential to create and change. Meditation will support your confidence and social interaction and address addictive behaviour.

Second Chakra - Sacral symbol

Root Chakra (Muladhara) Meditation

Balancing your root chakra will help you find a healthier more balanced version of you.

First Chakra - Root symbol

Kundalini Meditation (all chakras)

As we balance each Chakra they influence each other. With Kundalini Awakening we practice moving our own energy at the base of the spine (root Chakra) slowly and purposefully, up through each Chakra all the way to the crown Chakra.

Kundalini symbol 500px.jpg

Full Moon Meditation

The moon has a powerful influence on the world. As humans, we live in cycles that follow the moon, through our calendars and through our bodies.

We will practice during a full moon to build a connection to this energy and ground ourselves, manifesting our thoughts on inner healing.

Full Moon meditation 500px.jpg
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