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Free saunas for everyone

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The team has been playing musical chairs to squeeze in holidays during the summer period - keeping students on their toes to discover who will be teaching the class today. It's like a lucky packet. Open it up and - bang! - you find a strong Russian, a flexible Filipina, a calm Brazilian or a tough Romanian. We will return to more scheduled programming in mid-September.

To all the guests in our studio, we want to thank you for spending the summer with us. Hopefully, you experienced smiles and open arms helping you forget about the heat and get your bodies moving.

To those returning after a break, we have noticed an increased breathing rate during classes. The teachers said they would be gentle with you.

You should fear for your lives.

Empty my garden shed and leave the door open. Instant Sauna

Only one month left! The month of free saunas outside. Throw buckets of ice in the bath, and you have your own Russian spa treatment.

Our thanks and wishes for a great September

- Air Yoga

Hero pose for September

The hero pose for September is utthita parsvokanasana - the side stretch.

A relatively simple pose where we encourage you to challenge yourself.

kristina from air yoga doing utthita parsvokanasana

Kristina is demonstrating the more relaxed version of the pose. Aim to have your arm in front or behind your front leg. Avoid having your arm rest against your leg, or on the floor, making it a weight that increases the challenge of the pose.

This pose strengthens the legs, stretches your sides and stretches the inguinal region - the groin.

Kristina from air yoga studio doing utthita hasta padangusthasana

It is a fundamental pose to prepare you for October, just like Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana - extended hand-to-big-toe pose - was in August.

Keep practising both and push as hard as possible to create mobility = flexibility and strength.

Air Yoga Academy

It is with great pleasure we announce the launch of our Academy.

The goal of the Academy is to help teachers be the best they can be and teach confidently.

At launch, we have two courses.

The Creative Sequencing course aims to teach existing teachers how to structure their classes better to keep them interesting and effective. It also helps teachers learn how to adapt to the different needs of students in a class.

Kristina from air yoga studio teaching a class.

The YTT-200 course turns students into teachers. It is the fundamental course all teachers go through. We aim to ensure a teacher is ready to teach a class in any studio and allow them to practice teaching until they are confident.

All our courses are hybrid - a mix of online and in-person. You study online, making the time with teachers more effective where you apply the theory as much as possible. A hybrid solution allows flexibility in our busy lives but ensures you get as much time with a teacher as possible.

We keep up to date with new information on the body, nutrition and yoga history to create coursework that takes account of current research and historical studies.

If you want to take a course with us, please go to the academy page to sign up or WhatsApp admin on +971 58524 1156.

our air yoga academy landing page image. It is a modified image of Rosiel from air yoga studio doing a flying split.

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