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Its getting hot out there

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

So put on your yoga clothes! A friend of ours is heavily into Karaoke, so now we need to practice our singing on every occasion. His voice is amazing. Ours, well, be glad we don't sing in the studio.

We hope that everyone that celebrated Eid al-Adha had a wonderful time with their loved ones. As I flew home from work on the 7th, the airport was full of travellers. Meanwhile, the studio was a great place for singing as the only thing moving in there were the two vacuuming robots and Anca practising new asanas for her intermediate students.

Thank you to all our students, new and old. You give us purpose every day and motivate us to exceed our previous limitations. We hope we can return the same blessings to you.

To those that left the country, we miss you and have fond memories of the time you spent with us. May the future be full of kindness and new experiences.

We have found two amazing teachers that will help us out! That means we could actually get some sleep in soon. Maybe even take a holiday! I remember those as being really rewarding.

Life continues to create change, and we continue to adapt and learn. Before September we hope to add a few hammocks to the studio, which will help on the busy days. We are also making changes to our schedule and pricing. You can find the details below.

Schedule Changes

We are making changes to our schedule that will be live starting Sunday the 24th.

We hope the new schedule helps you find time for your favourite classes.

View our schedule as a PDF.

  • All classes now have more predictable start times

  • There is a beginner and an intermediate Aerial class every day, split between mornings and evenings.

If you have any other suggestions, please WhatsApp us on +971 58 524 1156.

Package Changes

When we opened the studio, we did our calculations using packages cheaper than any other boutique studio in Dubai. Then we ran the studio at even lower rates to support the numerous students affected by the turmoil of an invisibly small bug.

From August, we will reset our package pricing to our originally intended pricing, which would still mean we are the most affordable studio we know of.