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I did a crow! July's hero pose and a minor schedule update.

A belated welcome to July for all our students.

Summer creates wonderful opportunities for the home baker. I am baking sourdough today and can turn the kitchen into a perfect proofing oven by leaving the door open.

If any family member complains, I ask them why they want to make tea in a proofing oven. Strange people.

Warm bread keeps the soul happy, and my family tends to forgive me a few sins once they take a bite.

July's hero pose

We are preparing for the arrival of exotic birds in November, so this month, we practice Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose).

It's a step up from Trikonasana (triangle pose) but less exciting than Crow pose. The next few hero poses prepare you for November, and we will practise them as part of your standard sequences. Those who can do a split and fully do November's asana will be able to impress their friends!

So practise regularly and aim to keep the asana for 20 seconds.

We will continue to practise Crow pose for those that joined later in the month, but less regularly.

Ardha Chandrasana greatly improves balance while opening the hips and providing strength and stamina to the legs and ankles.

Minor Schedule update

Our simplified summer schedule works for most, but we have a few requests for later classes. As a result, we will start our Monday evening classes at 7 PM. That means intermediate is at 7 PM, with Candlelight Vinyasa at 8 PM.

We respect the heroes who stay around in the summer and work until 7 PM. May you find some mental calm and physical health after each practice.

Crow pose

In June, we practised Crow pose, also called Kakasana (Caw-caw sana in my head). Still, we refer to it as Bakasana partly because they are very similar and partly because it's called Kakasana.

Did you enjoy your Crow pose practice?

I know many students did beautiful crow poses throughout the month. This week I joined a class where someone did their first successful crow and then kept it going for 20 seconds!

We want to celebrate our achievements together and ask everyone to record a video while doing a crow pose and share it in the comments. The best part is you can celebrate with us anywhere in the world. I'll do mine directly after posting the newsletter.

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