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Masks now only as dress-up!

Masks are officially off! Time to Party!

Meanwhile, our mop has gone on strike, so Anca is building more arm muscles again and going early every day to mop. Gotta keep those floors shining!

This month we add some classes to our schedule, have the year's worth of Moon ceremonies ready for you, and announce a week's worth of Halloween Yoga! You insist on wearing a medical mask? There better be some blood on it!

More Vinyasa

Masks are off, and many are back in the office working till late.

As a result, we have added three classes for you:

Sunrise Vinyasa at 06:30 AM and a Candlelight Vinyasa at 8:45 PM.

You can download our full schedule in PDF for a complete picture.

There were benefits to COVID, like not being bound to an office and having control over your schedule. Ce la Vie.

Full and New Moon Ceremonies

We have scheduled all our New Moon and Full Moon events until December.

Each ceremony will include Cacao or Lotus Tea Ceremonies and finish with Crystal Bowl Sound baths. Diana or Anca be your guide through the ceremony.

Go ahead and book your space in advance as they are in the standard schedule on Sundays or Saturdays.

The system does not show a simple summary at the moment, but we are working on creating one to help you plan.

A week of dress-up!

It is October, and with Halloween, an excuse to play dress-up!

From Monday the 24th until October 31st, our teachers will be doing Yoga dressed as whatever creative monster, fairy or superhero they feel like on the day.

All students are encouraged to join. Make it good! We are awarding a prize to the student with the best costume as judged by our panel of teachers.

More details closer to the week.

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