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november newsletter

I can hardly believe it is November, and we are already arranging Xmas decorations. We have a few events planned to end the year and have some exciting news for next year. With a lot to share, we'll jump straight in!

hero pose

November has come, and we are on our last hero pose for the year: Birds of Paradise - svarga dvijasana.

In its mature form, it is a standing split and requires balance with strong, flexible hips and strong back muscles to keep you upright as you lock your arms. It also strengthens what it requires: core and back with excellent hip mobility. And lots of balance.

Looking at the previous poses, you can see how we slowly prepared you for this challenging pose. There are also many variations of the pose for you to experiment with. If the standing variation is too much, try out the seated version. Use the bent knee version if your hamstrings don't allow you to straighten your leg, or use a strap if you can't lock your arms.

Good luck this month. Be kind to yourself during practice, and enjoy the challenge.

adjustment workshop

We will run a three-hour adjustment workshop as part of our teacher training programme on 19 November. This workshop is for teachers and supports their understanding of how to make adjustments for their students.

Anyone not enrolled in our teacher training programme can still join the workshop.

Date: 19 November 2023

Time: 4 PM - 7 PM

Place: In the studio

Price: 315 AED

special events in december

As we near the end of the year - where did it go? - we invite you to two events in December.

breakfast social at the lakes

Our first event is social and open to everyone to thank you for the year and mingle in a relaxed environment.

We want to meet at Al Qudra lakes, practice a bit of vinyasa (optional) and then eat breakfast together in the desert. The weather should be beautiful this time of year to drink coffee, eat and laugh with everyone.

It will be a simple affair amongst wonderful people.

Date: 10 December 2023

Time: Probably 8 AM.

Place: Al Qudra lakes - exact location to be shared later.

Price: 25 AED - To help pay for food and things.

The event is already on the calendar. Looking forward to seeing you there.

salutations to 2023

To close off the year, we are running a special class on 17 December where to do 108 sun salutations.

We do it for fun and would love to see everyone join us in the challenge. The teachers hope to do all 108 without a break, but you can do it at your own pace. Take coffee breaks, rest, and start again when you are ready.

The event is open to everyone. It will take place in the studio, and we are suspending our regular classes on the day.

Date: 17 December 2023

Time: 10 AM - 12 AM (probably)

Place: In the studio

Price: Book with existing plans or 50 AED.

The event is on the calendar, so book a spot.

year-end schedule

We are keeping the November and December schedules the same as October, apart from the 30-minute change to Saturdays - classes start at 9 AM and not 9:30 AM.

As most of our guests spend the last few weeks entertaining their families or travelling, we are still debating what we will do over the year-end. We might close entirely or offer limited class options for dedicated practitioners from 18 December until 5 January.

If limited, there will be one class in the morning and one in the evening with a rotation between general aerial and vinyasa.

We'll confirm at the start of December.

get ready for 2024

Now on to more exciting news!

In our effort to provide you with great class options, we have two announcements.

new Aerial structure

Our aerial classes will no longer use beginner, intermediate and advanced. Instead, we will have a level 1 class and a level 2 class.

Level 1 will be a mixture of beginners and intermediates, while level 2 will be a mixture of intermediate and advanced.

We hope this gives our newer aerial students room to grow before entering the more challenging classes.

To accommodate total beginners, we will have specific classes with two teachers where we can provide focused support at the start of an aerial journey.

inside flow

We are particularly excited about introducing Inside Flow classes to the studio.

Inside Flow is an intermediate vinyasa class paired with music to create a unique experience.

Instead of wasting time writing about it, why not have a look at a video:

One other teacher gives Inside Flow, but I believe we are the only studio in Dubai formally providing this class.

Classes are scheduled to start in January. We will share the January schedule in our December update. All packages that have access to aerial will be able to join our Inside Flow sessions.

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