Prenatal and a new schedule

It is 2022, and we are all back in the studio after a good break!

We had a schedule all planned for 2022, and then the weekend shift created all sorts of confusion!

We settled on something conservative for January, keeping it similar to what everyone is used to, with a few changes:

  • We have introduced new 75 minute classes.

  • Kids Yoga is currently once a week.

  • Kids Aerial is still twice a week.

  • We have a new prenatal class

  • We are giving everyone a chance to try a Yin by having one in the evening and one in the morning.

  • More days with three classes in the morning

  • a new teacher!

Everyone with monthly subscriptions now has their packages active again. Do not worry if you have not used all your free classes yet. They are valid until December.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Prenatal classes

With prenatal, expecting mommies can now keep fit, help work out the kinks on overworked spines and generally support their blood flow, all using safe exercises.

We know teacher Anca would have loved to join one if she knew more about it when she was expecting!

Along with the announcement for prenatal classes, we welcome Elena Alieksieieva to the studio! Elena was selected to teach our Kids Aerial sessions, but she had unexpected news while still working on formalities.

Elena found out she was expecting. Congratulations Elena!

With the news, we delayed her start, but it was the perfect opportunity to move the prenatal classes earlier into our schedule.

Who better to teach than with both the training and currently experiencing the same changes as the students!

You can learn more on our Prenatal Page

Looking to the future

It appears COVID is still disrupting our lives. We hope to see the end of restrictions on our ability to be social and human this year.

What you can expect from us in 2022:

  • We aim to stabilise our schedule to make it more predictable

  • Assuming prenatal is successful, we will test a postnatal class.

  • New teacher experience program to support new teachers that need experience teaching students.

  • Courses for Yoga teachers

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