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Summer discounts and a new class structure!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

It's summer and blistering hot.

Half our friends have fled to colder countries, visiting family and leaving the rest of us to handle our life and loves here in Dubai. While we will miss them, we will celebrate our passions in our own way.

At Air Yoga, we have decided to reward everyone still braving the heat by discounting our packages and introducing two new classes.

Discounted packages

  1. Unlimited Yoga is now only 650 AED, allowing access to all classes for a month. Tremendously cheap if you can come frequently.

  2. Aerial Yoga is now only 696 AED, valid for three months and 10 of any class. Not sure you can come three times a week for a month? Then this is the package you should take.

  3. We still keep our Intro to Air Yoga package for all NEW students at 650 AED for 10 classes, valid for any class.

The current structure allows us to reward both new students and yogis that renew with us during the summer. You can find the new packages on the pricing page.

New class structure

Our Aerial classes continue to grow and our community of students are the most positive and inspiring group of people we know!

We would love to see them more frequently in our grounded classes as well and want to gear ourselves to the needs of summer. As such, we have split our classes in two different sessions:

  1. Vinyasa Burn: A harder workout to burn calories. Let your friends feel they missed out when they come back from holiday while you toned and strengthened your body.

  2. Restorative Yoga: We must all take a break, both mentally and physically. Allow your mind and body to rest while still in motion in our restorative class. You will still improve mobility while allowing your muscles time to heal if you have been working them hard. This class will also help combat the effects of stress through the gentler flow of exercise.

The images are linked to the new class pages if you want to learn more.

Join us in the class and let's balance healthier bodies with healthier minds together!

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