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How quickly can you learn a headstand?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Aman from Air Yoga practising a variation of a headstand

Can you learn to do a headstand safely within three hours? We think you can.

For some, the patience to slowly master a pose is just not enough. They want to learn crazy and beautiful poses immediately.

We hear you.

Even teachers often do not find the time to practice for themselves and benefit from focused injections.

Learn more about our workshops and sign up.

Accelerated learning

This is why we are launching a series of workshops to accelerate your learning and push the boundaries of what you thought you could achieve.

Typically, the body must go through months and sometimes years of practice to achieve miracles, and for some things, you cannot avoid putting in the time. No amount of wishful thinking will turn a normal body into a body that can perform a split and do so quickly. Well, not safely anyway.

But things can be accelerated when you have a teacher who understands the steps and can read your body. Strength and flexibility only come with practice, and everything you do will benefit from it. But you may be surprised to find out that the entry into some poses are easier than you think and can we can teach you a lot in three hours.

We like the idea of practising interesting movements so much we dedicated a class to it. People wanting to push their limits are encouraged to join our weekly technical movement class.

What workshops can you do?

Things like a headstand can be taught and practised safely under supervision. We believe that most will surprise themselves with what they can do.

While not everyone can achieve an elbow-lever in three hours, it is possible. Anyone that tries will accelerate their understanding beyond what a normal class can provide while learning techniques to prepare for future attempts. If you enjoy doing crazy things with your body, then just the act of practising can be great fun.

Aman from Air Yoga practising an Elbow lever.
Aman enjoys practising a few elbow-levers.

As I am writing this, I notice I have started slouching again. Picking up my posture, I am reminded that we are a world of desktop slouchers wreaking havoc on our spines. So many of us will benefit from workshops focused solely on the flexibility and strength of our spine and the supporting muscles. You will likely take some insights home to help support your spinal health throughout your life.

Handling stress and learning mental focus are all requirements to survive and prosper in the hard-working environment of Dubai. There is mounting evidence of the benefits of meditation and its impact on our overall well-being. Spending a focused afternoon learning more about meditation and practising techniques could do wonders for your calm.

Go check out our workshops and sign up now to push your limits.

We listen to our students, and if you have any suggestions or requests, you can tell us by leaving comments on this article, writing to us or telling us in the class.

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