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Alignment Workshop - Surya Namaskara

Learn Surya Namaskara like a teacher

Service Description

Learn how to practice like a teacher so you can work out safely and effectively at home, in a studio or halfway up Kilimanjaro. Really, anywhere you want. Using the same techniques we use for our teachers, we teach you to be more aware of your body for self-adjustment and killer yoga Instagram photos (if that's your thing). In yoga, alignment refers to correctly positioning the body in various yoga postures (asanas) to achieve optimal benefits and avoid injury. It involves the precise placement of the spine, limbs, and joints in relation to each other and the overall posture. It is helpful to practice with the guidance of a knowledgeable yoga teacher that provides verbal cues, adjustments and demonstrations. Let us help you understand the subtleties of each posture. This workshop focuses on the most widely practised sequence: Surya Namaskara (Sun salutation). Existing members with an active subscription can contact us to get the discounted price of 280 AED.

  • 315 UAE dirhams

Upcoming sessions

Cancellation Policy

We would love to see you in class, but we understand that life can make a mess of our best-laid plans. Cancellations are accepted 3 hours prior to the start of a class, which gives other students a short window to sign up and enjoy a class. Sessions are normally not transferable, but please contact us in case of emergencies and we will do our best to help. We prefer to know about a cancellation even if it is within the cut-off time.

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