Kids Aerial Yoga

A class for children of ages 8 - 13.

Fast learners, shy learners and the enthusiasm and joy that only our young Aerial learners bring. 

An aerial class with some adaptation for the unique bodies and learning ability that our children have.

+971 58 524 1156 for more information​

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The class is tailored to adapt to each child's current ability and we do not force their bodies to stretch beyond their abilities.

Encouragement is positive. We will never belittle your children or compare them in a negative light.

Aerial Yoga introduces your child to better breathing techniques, body awareness and balance, all while improving strength and overall fitness.


How to prepare for an Aerial class

  • Wear long sleeve tops to protect your arms

  • Wear socks to ease movement in the fabric

  • Wear clothes with no zippers or buttons that hook on the fabric

  • Remove all your jewellery before coming. We work on a finders-keepers policy and welcome your donations of gold and silver (no, not really, but really do remove them).

  • Get a good hair band if you have long hair and avoid hair clips as they tend to fall apart and can catch on the fabric.

  • We have Yoga mats in the studio for everyone and clean them after every use.

  • Eat a light meal at least two hours before the class

+971 58 524 1156 for more information​

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