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Private Session Pricing
Yoga and Bodywork

Pricing and packages for our Private Yoga or Bodywork sessions below.

Bodywork can be either Reiki or Emotional Therapy.

Contact us for any further questions, when you go on holiday or to schedule your appointment:


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Private Session Pricing Options

  • The Dedicated - Subscription

    Every 4 weeks
    Twelve Sessions Every Four Weeks
    • 12 Sessions
    • Valid For 4 Weeks
    • Automatically Renews
    • over 28% Discount
  • Comfy At Home

    10 Sessions, Valid For Two Months
    Valid for 2 months
    • 10 Sessions
    • Valid For Two Calendar Months
    • Allows Some Rescheduling
    • One-Time Purchase
  • Reiki Bodywork x 3

    Three Sessions Of Reiki At A Discount
    Valid for 2 months
    • 3 Sessions
    • Valid For 2 Calendar Months
    • = 25% Discount
  • Reiki Bodywork

    One Session Of Reiki Bodywork
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Session
    • Valid For 1 Calendar Month

Please note that monthly plans auto-renew every month until you cancel the plan. We allow a two week suspension every three months.


Understand the options

Yoga discount for family members:

For 400 AED per additional person, up to three family members can join the primary student on a private Yoga package. This makes practising with your family much more efficient. 

Contact administration for payment links that include extra family members.

Monthly Subscription packages: 

The sessions automatically renew monthly. The teachers will make themselves available for all your sessions and it is your responsibility to ensure you are available for all your sessions. Any missed classes will be lost.

We allow you to suspend a package for two weeks within every three months.

Note that you will be charged automatically every month until you cancel.

Limited Sessions Packages: 

A fixed number of sessions, valid for two months.

If you know you will miss some sessions, this is the best package. 

Any unused sessions at the end of two months will be lost.

Keep in mind

Packages are non-refundable

While we can make exceptions in extraordinary circumstances, a package is a commitment to yourself and to the teacher.

Make the most of your classes. You will not be entitled to a refund once you start or when your package expires.

Only one missed class in every package will be re-scheduled at a time when the teacher is available.



Our full studio policies and code of conduct

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