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Private Yoga

convenient. personal. effective.

a yoga teacher just for you.


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We all want to look and feel good, but that does not mean we want to share how we get there. Practising yoga in the privacy of your home means there is nothing that can place a burden on your confidence.

Life in Dubai is busy, especially when you have a family to take care of. If you choose to have your Yoga teacher come to you, you save time, our most precious resource. 


Each body is unique and wonderful, and we want you to feel good in yours. It often feels awkward when attempting things for the first time, but doing so in a place of safety and privacy is a great way to start our journey.

If you have any medical concern that you want to raise that require special attention, your private Yoga teacher can consider them, ensuring you get the full benefit from your practice.

For many, there is a substantial benefit to starting their yoga journey in private. Whatever helps us start is worth the investment.

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How do we get started?

  1. Look at our pricing options.

  2. Contact us on WhatsApp to arrange a time

  3. Pay for the trial session

our WhatsApp: +97158 524 1156

Private Yoga is a commitment. We want to make sure you feel comfortable about making the best decision, which is why you will meet your teacher before you commit to a package. We believe you will love our teachers. They are worth meeting.

No WhatsApp? Use the form below, but WhatsApp is faster.

Thank you for contacting us! We look forward to speaking to you.


What is different in private yoga?

There are three significant benefits to private yoga:

  1. You do yoga at a time convenient to you.

  2. Your teacher comes to you, saving you time, our most precious resource.

  3. You get all the attention, helping you focus, helping you correct your pose and ensuring we meet your goals at your pace. Not at the average of a class.


Life in the UAE moves at an incredible pace, and we have many commitments asking for our time.


Having a teacher come to you, instead of spending time driving to a class, can save you anything from thirty minutes to two hours for each class. With three classes a week, you can gain 72 to 288 hours a year. That is at least a whole week’s worth of work or 3 to 12 days spent in a car that you could instead spend on yourself.


With the fast pace of life, it can be challenging to find a class that fits our schedule. With private yoga, the chances are much better to find a space where you and your teacher are both available, as your teacher will try to accommodate you at a time convenient to you. 


While we do our best to help students in our group classes, the class goals have been determined and the pace adjusts with the average of the group.


When you have a teacher to yourself, they will interact with you to meet your personal goals and adjust the pace to ensure you have the growth that suits you. You will also gain from the constant supervision to ensure you do the asanas to their full potential with the minimum risk of injury.

Yes, as with all exercise, we push our bodies, and that comes with risk. Personal attention ensures we keep that risk to the minimum. In all forms of exercise, most injuries happen when students attempt more than they are ready for or do their activities without considering the pressure it places on their bodies.

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Thoughts from our students

I started Yoga practice with Anca six months ago. I can assure you it was a bumpy ride as I am a very complex case with severe kyphosis and scoliosis. Anca's professionalism and care really made this ride a bit smoother! The results are mesmerizing and evident, which is what keeps me going! I want to achieve the maximum recovery and gain maximum strength so that I am able to live an independent and pain-free life, reducing the complications of my condition. I want to thank Anca for all of her love, care, patience, responsibility and dedication that she is investing in me. IF you really want to improve your well-being through Yoga, Anca is your person!


My transformational journey started with Anca more than a year ago. Not only does each session help me gain flexibility, but it also enables me to discover my inner-self. Anca has a holistic approach to self-discovery, healing and peace.


My husband and I are extremely pleased with Anca's classes. She is very professional and always ensures we are holding the Asanas correctly and make adjustments when required. She will sometimes help us with the use of blocks and belts to reduce pressure on our bodies, helping us understand the correct posture. The classes are always tailored to suit us individually. Since starting our sessions, my diastasis recti is healing and my husband's back is improving. We feel really lucky to have found Anca and recommend her classes to everyone. Thank you Anca, we think you're amazing!

Deanne and her husband

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