Meet your Teachers

Aman Arora

Aman Arora square.png

Aman loves the study of movement. Inspired by his spiritual guru I-DO, he constantly improves his knowledge of different disciplines that practice wellbeing through movement.
He wants to have a holistic understanding of both the art of how we move and the functional ability of our bodies. He established the Academy of Movement Arts in Dubai to pursue this goal. He partnered with us at Air Yoga to help teach a unique class for advanced practice that works even for beginners.

Technical movement development

WCO Streetsport Level 1
Stott Pilates Intensive Mat+, Injuries and Special Populations, Advanced Matwork
Inside-Out Gait Analysis, BASE training
Functional Anatomy Spine provider
ETA College Personal Trainer
RYT-200 Yoga Teacher

Anca Nitoi

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Motivated by her experience to save the life of a friend in need, Anca dedicates her life to teaching Yoga.
She is the founder of the Air Yoga studio and teaches there virtually every day. Her passion drives her to create new sequences every day and adapt classes to the needs of the students.

Anca is qualified to train new Yoga teachers due to her extensive experience teaching Yoga.

Head Teacher, Creative Sequencing

E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher
Yin 50
YACEP Provider (continuing education provider)

Freda Molamphy

Aman Arora square.png

Freda represents the science behind our nutritional advice. A long time marathon runner, she realised that nutrition plays a significant role in extreme bodily performance.

As a nutritional consultant, she is a fantastic resource for students that require a deeper understanding of how nutrition plays a role in maintaining wellbeing.


Bachelor of Education (Honors) Home Economics with major in Food Studies
Holistic Nutritionist
Yoga Alliance RYT-500

Gabby Pravdova

Aman Arora square.png

Gabby is an entrepreneur, the Kambucha queen and a master of gentle movement.

She believes Yoga is a discipline linked to an intimate understanding of the body.
Her classes will help you create awareness and focus during practice.

Mindful Movement

RYT-200 Yoga Teacher

Juliana Herrera

Aman Arora square.png

Like so many, Juliana moved away from the corporate world. Instead, she opts to exercise her beliefs by supporting others through Yoga.
Aiming to help all of us who sit in front of a desk, she focuses on Yin and supports her work through therapeutic studies.

Practicing with intention

RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, Yin 50
Structural Yoga Therapy

Paula Pfiester

Aman Arora square.png

Paula is a qualified teacher specialising in using a child's innate intelligence to support their learning.

Working with young children all her life and combining her Yoga experience, Paula developed a unique course to help children explore their emotions through Yoga practice.

Paula is easily one of the most amazing people we know and inspires us to be better every day.

Emotional development, Children and Aerial

Qualified Early Years Educator, KHDA approved
95 hours Children Yoga and Mindfulness teacher
RYT 500 Yoga Teacher
RULER practitioner