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Aerial Yoga

A modern variation of Yoga using silk hammocks for a class that can push your limits and yet provide childlike fun as you defy gravity. 


We highly recommend you do at least one Aerial Yoga class.

Our Aerial classes take children and adults in the same class. Mothers can practice with their daughters. 

Students from Air Yoga practiing modified downward dog and side plank in Aerial Hammocks

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How to prepare for an Aerial class

  • Personal hygiene is respectful to yourself and others. Shower before you come.

  • Wear long sleeve tops to protect your arms

  • Wear socks to ease movement in the fabric

  • Wear clothing with no zippers or buttons that hook on the fabric

  • Unlike a child you are allowed to forget about your phones. Keep them on silent in the studio and off the practice floor.

  • Remove all your jewellery before coming. We work on a finders-keepers policy and welcome your donations of gold (no, not really, but really do remove them).

  • Get a good hair band if you have long hair and avoid hair clips as they tend to explode into little pieces.

  • We have Yoga mats in the studio for everyone and clean them after every use.

  • Eat a light meal at least two hours before the class

Teachers from Air Yoga practising in silk hammocks

Aerial Yoga for Beginners

Doing something new is exciting and challenging. We tailor our Aerial for beginners classes to make first experiences enjoyable. 


Learning the fundamentals is essential and quick. It makes your practice safer and more enjoyable in the long run.

Don't expect it to be too easy! Aerial Yoga is very different to what most of us usually do with our bodies.

Excellent for stretching and toning.


Intermediate Aerial Yoga

Once you know the basics, it is time to stretch yourself and your abilities even further.


This class will teach you how to flow without breaks and is where you learn all those beautiful poses you see in our photos.

The teacher will let you know when you are ready for this class and the advanced class.

Aerial Yoga

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