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Group Yoga classes

We take extra care to ensure everyone feels welcome and do not expect you to be already flexible, knowledgeable or strong. All that is required is a dedication to your own wellness.

Preparing for a class

  • Personal hygiene is respectful to yourself and others. Shower before you come.

  • We have Yoga mats for you in the studio and clean them after every use.

  • Eat a light meal at least two hours before the class

  • Arrive 10 minutes early so that you can settle (and maybe join us for tea!)

  • Unlike a child you are allowed to forget about your phones. Keep them on silent in the studio and off the practice floor.

If you plan to join Aerial Yoga classes, make sure you read the preparation on the Aerial Yoga page

Air Yoga students practising restorative and Hatha Yoga


Flex and tone muscle, then move on to deep tissue stretches as you cool down. This class provides all the benefits of Vinyasa and Yin combined with a little bit of aromatherapy.


Vinyasa is a form of Hatha Yoga, where you match the rhythm of your breathing to the rhythm of the movements. Each asana moves into the next without resetting in between each pose. We do not do power yoga, but the class does provide exercise.


Yin Yoga uses elements of traditional Chinese medicine to work on deep tissues to support healing.


This class is more than an hour: 70 minutes 

To get the right balance of Vinyasa and Yin.


Candlelight or Sunrise Vinyasa

Our Vinyasa classes are excellent for muscle toning and flexibility, yet you will leave the class relaxed and invigorated.


Only available in the evening, our Candlelight Vinyasa classes set the mood for mental calm so that you can stay focused on your movements. These classes strengthen and improve flexibility.


Stretch out your morning stiffness in our Sunrise Vinyasa class. Often slightly slower than our evening classes, but only by a little.


With our unique sequencing style, you won't get bored doing the same thing every day.

Air Yoga studio students practising restorative yoga

Restorative Yin and Aromatherapy

Relax your mind and body with our Restorative Yin and Aromatherapy class.

You will do slow stretches to twist all the tension out of your back, supported by bolsters to keep you comfortable. Meanwhile, aromatherapy will do for your mind what stretching does for your body.


A great class to help mobility, remove stress from the back and calm the mind. Don't be surprised if you turn Shavasana into a short nap.

Some classes may use our silk hammocks, which are optional for students.

Traditional Grounded Yoga

Class Schedule

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