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Specialised Yoga Classes

Take special care of your fitness needs by picking a class suited to you.


Come to the gentler Stronger Spines to protect your joints and bones, or the Split Academy, aimed specifically at helping you reach the split.

Everyone is welcome. 

Preparing for a class

  • Personal hygiene is respectful to yourself and others. Shower before you come.

  • We have Yoga mats for you in the studio and clean them after every use.

  • Eat a light meal at least two hours before the class

  • Arrive 10 minutes early so that you can settle (and maybe join us for tea!)

  • You are encouraged to forget about your phones. Keep them on silent in the studio and off the practice floor.

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Split Academy

Our Split Academy will take you from any beginning and prepare your body for side and front splits. While this class uses yogic principles, it is focused entirely on the skills you need to reach the split.

Creating a new awareness of your body, you will spend almost an hour building both the mobility and strength required. You will go through warm-up to longer held deep stretches, split entries and exit and finally, cooldown and closure.

Open for everyone.

Best for women aged: 18 - 45 

More detail on the Split Academy


Osteo Yoga

A class, gentle on joints, that focuses on keeping your spine strong to combat the effects of aging or illness.

Provided in an inclusive environment where you can feel good in your body.

Open to anyone that needs it.

Best for ages 50+ or those that require special attention for their spine, joints or bones.

More detail on the Stronger Spines class.

TRX Strapes

TRX Bodysculpt

Our soon to Launch Total Body Suspension class will be our most intensive class aimed at building strength and body awareness.

This class will make make laughing hurt as your core muscles protest from yesterday's class.

Open to everyone.

Best for men aged 30 - 55.

Specialised Yoga

Class Schedule

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