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december newsletter

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend. Looking at the number of bookings that get cancelled and missed attendance it appears to be going well.

We have much to share this month, so I'll jump in.

Studio closure over New Year

Based on experiences from the last two years, we know there are many good intentions through the end of the year, but most get distracted by family or fly to go distract them.

As such, we will close the studio between the 18th of December and will be open on the 5th of January.

Social on the 10th

Due to the extreme formalisation of public gatherings organised by a business, we will not be meeting at Al Qudra this year. We’ll be better prepared next year. Instead, we will hold a very relaxed social gathering at Anca’s house. Some simple homemade food and good people. We are adjusting the price to reflect the change. The goal is not to make money but to get together in something other than yoga pants. Join when you want, stay as long as you want, and partners are encouraged. If you wish to drink fermented juices, consider bringing your favourite. Date: the 10th of December Time: from 15:00 to whenever. Price: 10 AED Location: Anca's house in Silicon Oasis. We will share the location pin with everyone who registers.

Saluting the end of the year

As mentioned in the November letter, we are closing the year with semi-social 108 sun salutations.

We do it for fun and would love to see everyone join us in the challenge. There will be tea, coffee and snacks for everyone. Take coffee breaks, rest, and start again when you are ready or cheer the rest on.

The event is open to everyone and will take place in the studio. We are suspending our regular classes for the day. The teachers' efforts will be streamed live on YouTube.

It may also be possible to join us on YouTube if I have enough time to figure it out.

Date: the 17th of December 2023

Time: 10 AM - 12 AM

Place: In the studio

Price: Book with existing plans or 50 AED for guests.

The event is already on the calendar, and you can book your place.

Schedule changes for 2024

  • Aerial classes change to levels 1 and 2. Level 1 will have two teachers in the class.

  • New class: Inside Flow

  • The studio will be closed on the 18th of December and re-opened on the 5th of January.

With new classes and a change to how we structure Aerial, January will introduce a new class schedule.

You can download the schedule with the button below. The app and website will be ready for booking by the end of the week.

Aerial class changes

With so many guests trying Aerial, we struggled to keep the classes accommodating to new guests while helping regulars advance their practice.

Our first attempt was to split Aerial into beginners, intermediate and advanced, but that places a lot of pressure on the schedule to give you good opportunities to practice.

From January, we will take a new approach and split Aerial into levels 1 and 2.

Level 1 Aerial will be open to beginners with intermediates and help you advance deep enough for more comfortable practice in the advanced level 2 class. Level 2 will take intermediate and advanced guests.

To make the class more accessible to absolute beginners, most level 1 classes will have two teachers. After a general warmup, you will split into two groups, with one group getting a grip on the basics and the other working on new techniques.

The changes will give everyone the confidence to experiment, continue to advance their skills and have more ideal times for practice.

Inside Flow

We hope to be the first studio in the UAE to offer regular Inside flow classes. This class is only open to intermediate vinyasa practitioners.

Inside Flow is a unique vinyasa style that prepares you for a three to five-minute sequence paired with music. It is like dancing through your yoga asanas. It uses modified asana forms to create a very graceful flow.

To teach inside flow, you must be a registered studio and only use registered teachers.

We are sure many of our guests will enjoy it.

See a short video from the creator of Inside Flow below.


AY Academy

Our AY Academy had its first group of students this quarter. We are incredibly proud of them. They are already teaching at a higher level than Anca did when she first received her certification.

The AY Academy will resume in January with a sequencing course, a YTT-200 course and a new Aerial Yoga course.

For more information, visit our Academy page.

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