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Glorious Autumn

Updated: 3 days ago

With the weather changing and festivities like Diwali and Halloween leading up to XMAS and New Year's, Dubai always feels positive and joyful. Our Halloween decorations hinted more at Autumn and should come down, but we were asked to keep them up a while longer, and so it shall!

A big thanks to everyone that joined us for a fun Halloween dress-up at the end of October. Congratulations to Rosiel and Sabrina for winning the best outfit competition. We will be in touch to provide you with a 50% discount voucher on your next package.

Our mop is still on strike, so you will see Anca's arm muscles improving over the weeks as she mops the studio twice a day. The little thing is harder to take care of than a small dog, but it sure cleans well!

We have made minor changes to the pricing for the two-month packages to make them more affordable. You can find the details on the schedule and pricing page.

Remembers to make time for friends in the lovely evening weather. And if you know of ways to get rid of mosquitoes, please email detailed instructions to!

Best Regards

Charl and Anca from Air Yoga

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