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Happy New Year!

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The year flew by!

It is the end of December and we are taking a break to spend time with friends and family.

We wish everyone a wonderful new year and will see you again on the 9th of January.

Read on to learn about our gift to you, package validity, and 2022.

New Year's gifts

To thank everyone for spending time with us, all students with a valid package will receive free classes.

For those with a limited package, you will receive an extra 3 classes. That is 30% of your package!

For unlimited students, since it is harder to give you free classes we will gift you extra classes that you can use outside of your unlimited validity. Your free classes will be available throughout the year and you can ask us to transfer one to a friend you intend to bring along or use it before renewing your own package. It will work out to around 5 days of classes for some, more for others.

Package validity

We are suspending everyone's unlimited packages today and will re-open them on the 12th. By not opening your package on the 9th, you can use the free classes we provided and so save a few days before having to renew again.

For those with limited packages like Intro to Air Yoga or 10 Sessions of Yoga, we will extend your package validity by three weeks.

What can you expect in 2022

While we are certainly taking a break, we are still working.

Below are a few things we are working on for you to introduce in 2022

  • New schedule, geared towards helping those that are back in the office

  • More classes and more choice in classes. Possibly a secret new Yoga stylre we will introduce later in the year.

  • New program to support Yoga teachers that just received their RYT, but need to get experience and improve their skills.

  • Improvements to our Private Yoga offer to incorporate nutrition and a more structured improvement program

  • Short courses focused on specific areas of knowledge in understanding Yoga and teaching Yoga. Great for RYT teachers looking improve or refresh their knowledge or students that want to learn more about an aspect of Yoga. We aim to make these courses YACEP compliant to help you keep your certification valid.

Again, we hope you have a wonderful New Year. Take some time to spend with friends and family and come back refreshed and ready to work on the 9th!

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