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July schedule update

Good morning,

As many may have noticed, Kristina has been developing a bump around her navel. This is not due to a love for cheeseburgers, but instead the wonderful news of an incoming new human being.

May they bring joy to each other and to the world. May Kristina teach her boy to be compassionate, enthusiastic and hopefully not pass on the frequently present yoga-teacher-road-rage.

Join Kristina in her last class on Sunday and give her a good send-off!

Schedule update

With summer approaching we are making changes to our schedule. There will be fewer classes, but we hope everyone will still find the opportunity to practice at least three times a week.

You can download the new schedule using this button:

Summer package

To celebrate the poor sods.. the determined people that stay in Dubai during the summer, we will launch a special summer package that should prove affordable to all. Probably 50 AED a class for anything. Probably.

For those flying off to cooler climates, your reward is in the climate. Don't be jealous. We aren't jealous of your temperate climates, family and friends. Nope, we love our dust bowl and malls.

Keep an eye out for the details. It will be in the July newsletter as soon as we finish discussing the final details.

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