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Yoga for cheaper!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

We know Aerial looks fantastic, but the experience is not for everyone. Our new discounted Grounded Yoga package allows you to practice every day for less if you prefer to remain on the ground.

Maybe we just want to ground ourselves, work some of our daily tension out on a yoga mat. To feel human again after contributing to society.

We hear you, so we have introduced the unlimited Grounded package. No need to be a bird, you can be strong like a bull, flexible like a cat, positive in up- or down-dog every day, and at a discount!

Our new Grounded Yoga package is 550 AED. As with our other unlimited packages, it automatically renews every month until you cancel, and you can suspend the package when you go on holiday or hit a particularly busy period. 10 session packages are valid for three months.

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