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One more before summer

We are pleased to welcome Mikaella for one last session of sound healing before summer.

From the end of May she performs in Santorini before moving on to Bali while we bake eggs in our cars.

Event: Sound Healing with Mikaella

Date: 14th May 2023 (Sunday)

Time: 17:30

Price: 120 AED per person

Mikaella will return once a month after the summer, so keep looking at our events page for sound healing dates or use the booking button above.

If you have never joined Mikaella, we made a sneaky recording of her tuning her instruments before the previous Sound Healing session. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Supported by her love and study of music, you are treated to an hour of listening to a collection of lesser-known instruments under the fingers of a skilled musician. That is enough for any music lover. She then tunes those notes to resonate and recharge your body. If you enjoy the wave of alternative healing going through Dubai, she is one of the best examples.

If you have been to Mikaella before, tell us what you thought by dropping a comment. Your fellow listeners might appreciate your words more than ours.

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