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Practice like a teacher

It is time again to practice finger yoga on my keyboard for a general update on what is happening in the studio.

As my fingers work up a sweat, I am reminded that "Summer is coming". The summer Djinn waits for me in the car whenever I open the door. No matter how often I rub my windows, neither Robin Williams nor Will Smith appears to grant my wishes for cooler weather.

Alignment workshop

What does "rotate your hips" even mean?

If you want to learn how to align your body and why alignment is necessary, join Juliana on the 17th for the alignment workshop. We'll provide a detailed understanding of your body as you work through Surya Namaskar.

Juliana will use the same techniques we use to train Yoga Teachers, allowing you to practice Surya Namaskara safely at home, in studios or during your walk across Machu Picchu.

Hero Poses

In the background, we plan your weekly practice for a whole-body workout. Each day has a focus. We move from your toes to your neck for maximum range of movement and form those little bumps and curves we love so much.

Another secret element is the practice of a hero pose.

In every Vinyasa-style class, you practice one pose that builds your understanding and body to prepare for more complex yoga poses.

You have already practised four poses to help prepare you for June.

In June our hero pose is Bakasana.

That's right, the Crow pose.

This will be the first more obvious pose to master as it is a little more complex than our routine asanas.

An exciting challenge for everyone, especially when beginners join, but we believe in you. Also, you can choose to remain in Malasana and watch the rest of the class wobble on their arms. Malasana is excellent practice for camping as well. Next time you go to a "bedouin" camp, you can show them your mastery of Malasana as you prepare the food.

You can also show off Crow pose if it is just with your friends. We expect photos before, during and after.

Small schedule adjustments

Gabby had an unexpected challenge to overcome and is taking time to face it. We hope she will be back in action by the end of July. Meanwhile, we had to put our plans for TRX Yoga on hold - and make minor schedule adjustments - to avoid Juliana and Anca sleeping in the aerial hammocks from working too much.

The schedule is visible below, and you can download a PDF copy

Welcome Kristina

We welcome Kristina to the studio. Freshly imported from Turkey, she will start teaching with us in June.

We are confident you will grow to love her, and we hope she starts soon enough to prevent Anca and Juliana from giving "gentle" classes because they are tired.

Kristina is RYT-500 certified and taught in Turkey before her family relocated here recently. We are sending flowers to her husband to thank him for bringing her to us.

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Неизвестный пользователь
30 мая 2023 г.

What an exciting update! So well written

Неизвестный пользователь
02 июн. 2023 г.
Ответ пользователю

And all without asking AI to write it for us!

Hey chatGPT, write a thank you for Bhawana . She was kind enough to comment positively on our post.

Holy moly he wrote a whole love letter!

We'll keep it for later.

Thank you Bhawana.

It actually takes us a long time to write even small updates. We are focused on learning yoga after all, not experienced wordsmiths.

Your words mean the world to us.

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