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Taking a break

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

It is Holiday time

As we near the end of summer, we are taking a few days to rest our minds. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", as they say. Who wants to be with a teacher who only works, becomes dull, irritated or uninspired? "Not me!" I hear you say. We certainly can't have Anca and Gabby turn into grumpy old women, so they are taking some time off. Gabby is taking the opportunity to give you a taste of her original style of Yoga. For those that can come in the morning, we have marked those classes as Hatha Yoga. This is where she will show you her version of Hatha Flow, focused on flowing movement and body awareness. We recommend you try it out and give her, and us, some feedback. Maybe we will make it a permanent part of our offer! The original plan had Gabby, and Anca, split the times they were off. Some unforeseen circumstances led to an overlap in the last week. The impact on our classes during the next two weeks: 8th - 14th: Reduced capacity. Special Hatha flow classes. No Intermediate Aerial. Very reduced evening classes. 15th - 19th: Closed for five days. We hope to see you back, physically tired and mentally rejuvenated on the 21st!

Package Change

Don't forget that prices changed at the start of August.

For existing students, keep your credit card up to date and assign it to your monthly subscription so you can remain on the old pricing forever.

In summary:

  • Single classes: 150 AED

  • Group Trial Class (3 sessions): 150 AED, valid for 14 days

  • Two Month pack (14 Sessions): 1450 AED, valid for two months

  • Unlimited Grounded: 649 AED, monthly.

  • Unlimited Yoga: 849 AED, monthly.

If you have any questions, please WhatsApp us on +971 58 524 1156

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