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Welcome to 2024!


While every new day is an opportunity for change, there is something special about taking a break over the New Year to review what we did in 2023 and look forward to what we want to achieve in 2024.


What goals do you have for 2024? My goals revolve around completing my studies, being more mindful, re-instating my discipline, and living more like every day could be my last.


Just before the year's close, a discussion with some of our guests led to a book called "Factfulness". With the world recently showing us the darker side of humanity, the book reminds us that the world has never been better regarding quality of life and tolerance. It also shows us how little we know of the state of the world despite the information being publicly available.


Yet, we can still do so much better. Recent activities in the world have touched many of our guests personally. Our hearts and minds are with them. 


Yoga has a long history and has seen many changes in how we practice and the philosophies of the practitioners. Our philosophy believes in human potential. The potential for growth in technology and understanding of the natural world, but also the understanding and acceptance of our neighbours. 


The human state is one of contradiction. Preparing for my studies, I read an article about the need for "assholes". As we compete, we must act selfishly, but it is crucial we respect each other and remember everyone has people they love and want to protect. Compete, but remember to fight for humanity as a whole. Do not tolerate actions that drag humanity backwards. Celebrate our differences and love the diversity of the human race and the creativity and sense of exploration accompanying it.


To those facing hardships, may you find your way back to love and joy.


Wishing you a year full of love, joy and discovery,

the Air Yoga team.

A Focus on Beginners

Aerial yoga at Air Yoga Dubai

There is no benefit from yoga if we do not practice yoga.

The most intimidating step is starting and making those first commitments. We want to support and celebrate our beginners.

As such, we are experimenting with new ways to improve our classes for beginners in Vinyasa and Aerial. We are starting our experiments with Aerial, where many sessions now have two teachers.

Everyone will get plenty of attention while practising the basics, and those ready for newer asanas will split out halfway to learn more.

Inside Flow

We had our first Inside Flow session today!

Lots of new movements, a few stumbles and I am sure I heard a few swear words. But yogis don't swear, so I better check the lyric filters.

For this month, Anca has chosen a sequence built on the song "Contagious". Come practice with us, and we'll see whether everyone can do the whole song in a graceful flow.

Remember, to get the most from the class, you must be comfortable with vinyasa and the associated pranayama.

AY Academy

Academy graduates at AY Academy Yoga teacher training course

We are grateful to the students who joined us for the first YTT-200 session at the Academy. We learnt a lot from you and know you have shown the skills to lead excellent yoga sessions.

The Academy restarts in January with our creative vinyasa sequencing course.

In February, we start the first of three YTT-200 courses this year.

We will continue to focus on producing high-quality teachers with the practical skills needed to give classes in almost any situation.

Visit our Academy page.

Simply Gaia Candles

A selection of Simply Gaia Candles

Don't forget to grab some Simply Gaia Candles from the studio. Handmade here in Dubai, you support local women entrepreneurs as they work to make the world a better-smelling place in a sustainable way.

Charl's personal favourite is the Winter's Glory. Click the link if you want to know more.

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