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Fun and play turn children into leaders

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

We have all seen it: adults who lose themselves in a moment of emotional distress and make snap decisions without realising how their emotions affect them or others.

Our emotional intelligence helps us connect to people and form stronger relationships in the workplace and at home.

Don't you wish you could have learnt to understand your emotions better as a child? Do you want your child to learn these skills?

A man holding a sign saying choose your future. Used in the Small Bodies, Big Emotions program announcement post from Air Yoga.

Small bodies, big emotions

We want to help make the world a place full of mature adults that know how to take care of each other and their children. Let's start by teaching our children. Maybe they can take us into this future.

With great joy, we share our new curriculum for young children where they can play together while learning more about emotions. We call the program Small Bodies, Big Emotions.

Young children with colourful shadows that represent different emotional states. The Air Yoga Small Bodies, Big Emotions program image.

The curriculum is a creative fusion of ideas grounded in the RULER curriculum developed by Yale University.

You can read more about Yale's program and their research on how effective it is here.

Children use and enjoy animal sounds, music, dance, and Yoga during each session while working through the formal curriculum.

They may not even realise they are learning, yet it slowly sinks in. Constant practice throughout the year has shown marked improvements in self-regulation, and we have heard stories of children showing increased awareness of the emotions within their parents.

The opportunities for healthy communication between child and parent increases the more we are aware of each other's emotions.

This is, in fact, the basis for emotional intelligence and is the long term benefit for your child.

Visit the Small Bodies, Big Emotions page >

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) clearly correlates with leadership and is a crucial skill for the future. Many brilliant people fail to become good leaders due to a lack in their Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence starts with self-awareness. Identifying and understanding your own emotions is the key that allows a good leader to move to the next skill, which is self-regulation. We have all experienced what appears to be a lack of self-awareness and regulation in ourselves or others as adults.

Having self-awareness and regulating our emotions helps us in social situations, which can improve our self-esteem. Then, understanding what causes certain emotions supports our empathy towards others.

Step-by-step, we can see what leads these skills to be critical for our future. Not only to have our children be the best they can be but to help develop humanity to be the best it can be.

By teaching these skills to children at a young age, we improve their chances of becoming emotionally well-rounded and strong adults.

Key skills not normally found in academia.

Visit the Small Bodies, Big Emotions page >

Sign up for a trial class and experience it yourself!

Or register your interest and join us next term starting 9th January 2022.

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