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Our children fly!

Updated: Jan 16

There is no better exercise than the exercise you enjoy. Aerial Yoga is like combining a swing and tree in one. You can climb and swing and twist and hang upside down. Amazing!

Your child can now come to enjoy Young Aerial Yoga in the studio twice a week, and we are sure they won't get bored.

If you are interested, you can go directly to book a trial class or read more to understand the benefits of Aerial Yoga for your child.

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Whether your child is active or has a sedentary lifestyle, Aerial Yoga has a lot of benefits. Aerial Yoga not only stretches out young muscles but builds a lot of core strength. Core strength is essential for large and fine motor skills.

Planning the movements in a suspended hammock requires focus. Not only do children have to think about the actions they need to make, but they will have to concentrate inwardly to do it correctly. Nobody wants to end up upside down unexpectedly. The planning of motor movement is itself a skill on top of the improvement of fundamental motor skills.

Many poses use one foot on the ground or even one foot in the hammocks and require constant balancing across the whole body.

The sensory experience is unique and appears to help all children calm down, including children of determination.

But Aerial Yoga is not just exercise, and we prefer not to call it that. Aerial Yoga is fun! It is like structured playtime that teaches you to balance, strengthens you and gives you experiences hard to replicate. Besides, it looks impressive when you learn how to flow through movements.

Having fun is the best way to stick to exercise. It is true for adults and children, but it explains why children who run around outside are so much fitter than most adults. It is much easier for them to have fun!

You just have to compare adult classes with children's classes to see the difference. The children are always socialising and laughing!

Class structure

Aerial Yoga is not Aerial Acrobatics. The difference is that we will practise some traditional Yoga poses modified to benefit from the hammocks. With those, we will practise correct breathing. Halfway through the class, or earlier for some, we go fully suspended into the air to practice some pretty amazing adaptations of old poses! And maybe we'll go upside down. Flips and tricks will make your child smile and keep them coming.

Each class ends with meditation or simple relaxation in a floating cacoon.

We use double point hammocks, which adds stability to movements and does not allow much spinning but is better for swinging and swaying. It is gentler for beginners. Adult and child alike.

Classes are limited to 8 students, which means each student gets the attention from the teacher they need.

Young Aerials focus on ages 8 - 13.

At the time of writing, each class is one hour long, and we have classes twice a week.

Class timing is 17h15 on Sundays and Thursdays.

But you can always check out the schedule, book a class and buy packages on the Children's Schedule and pricing page.

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